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We have recently added a new page to our site dedicated to Reverse Engineering, Visit the page to see the type of work we undertake.

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  • CNC Turning - 300mm DIA x 1m
  • CNC Turning - 410mm DIA x 3m
  • CON Turning (DRO) - 600mm DIA x 5m Over Saddle
  • CON Turning (DRO) - 1400mm DIA x 600mm in GAP
  • CNC Milling - 1m x 500mm x 500mm
  • CONV Milling(DRO) - 1m x 300mm x 500mm
  • VMC - 1400mm X 550mm X 550mm, 4th axis capacity
  • Grinding ( INT / EXT) - up to 250mm DIA x 1m
  • Slotting - 360mm Stroke x 1.5m DIA x 600mm Depth
  • Cam Cutting - Single / Double Tracked Cams up to 600mm DIA
  • Gear Cutting - up to 1.5m DIA x 200mm Face
  • Spline Cutting - up to 2m Long

Supplier of Chain Sprockets

chain sprockets

Major supplier of all types of chain sprockets

Standard or Specials available in all materials.

Precision Engineering

Forrest Precision Engineering, established 1983, is a leading precision engineering and special purpose machinery manufacturer in Scotland. Our services in precision engineering are available to companies in Glasgow, Scotland and throughout the UK. We are leading manufacturers of special purpose machinery for a range of applications.

Forrest Precision Engineering are a Glasgow based company servicing the UK with precision engineering parts for industrial use. They are a well known special purpose machinery manufacturer for business involved in textiles, paper and leather. We can offer a wide range of manufacturer services for special purpose machinery and precision engineering services.

High level of customer care

Our personnel are highly trained and knowledgeable to provide a high quality of workmanship in every part manufactured. We take great pride in the high level of customer care that we deliver to each and every one of our customers throughout the UK. We consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and gain business through our reputation and recommendations from already happy customers.

For further information on the services we offer as a special purpose machinery manufacturer and in precision engineering please do not hesitate to contact Forrest Precision Engineering now and we will be happy to answer any enquires you may have.

What we do

Forrest Precision Eng Co Ltd has been manufacturing quality engineering products and gears since 1983

With over 25 years of experience we have gained a wealth of knowledge working with a multitude of industries. These have ranged from Paper, Marine, Textile, Leather, Printing, Transmission and Oil.

Within Forrest Precision Engineering Co Ltd we place a strong emphasis on our customer service and support. This is an area which we believe has helped us and our customers prosper.

In our Machine shop we have a good range of machinery with excellent capacity.

We have built our reputation on our ability to deliver high quality products within our fast turn-around service, whilst still providing a cost effective service and support for customers.

Production or breakdown work a speciality

How to find us

Forrest precision engineering is located in Glasgow off junction 15 on M8, close to St Rollox Business Retail Park.

Our Address

Forrest Precision Engineering Co
538 Edgefauld Road
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
G21 4NB
TEL: 0141 557 3555
FAX: 0141 558 6216
  • reverse engineering for the Waverley
  • reverse engineer for vintage vehicles
  • reverse engineering facilities
  • traditional engineering techniques

Reverse Engineering & Traditional Engineering

We offer reverse engineering services for virtually any component or gear include worm, helical, bevel, spur, herringbone, sprocket, double helical, rack, internal & spline gears.

Our skilled work force can reproduce components based on damaged and worn parts. Usually we reverse engineer gears or components from a sample if a drawing of the gear is not available.

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